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Island Panglao, Alona Beach

Term: 7. 2. - 21. 2. 2011
Booking dead line: 5.10.2010

Price: CZK 49.900,-

filipiny-kalipayan.jpg Price include:
  • Flight Ticket Praha-Cebu-Praha
  • Accommodation 12 nights
  • Transfer from/to Cebu airport (include Ferry Boat ticket)
  • 10 dives, local dive guide + czech guide
Price is not include:
  • Meals (prices breakfast from 2USD, lunch and dinner from 5USD)
  • Travel and diving insurance
  • Fee for visiting marine park - island Cabilao 10USD
  • Departure fee cca 15USD

If you are interested for longer stay, we can book for you 14 or more days.


filipiny-bazen.jpg filipiny-lobby.jpg

Diving on Philippines can be added between the best diving destination in all over the world and marine life here is rich and various. Especialy photographers will like this destination. For diving are using large and comfortable boats. During your stay we can manage 3-4 days safari boat to Apo Island (100Euro/day) include diving, meals and accommodation on the boat.

filipiny-9681.jpg Accommodation in resort is in bungalows for 2/3 persons with own terace, bathroom, WC, AC and ventilator. In the windows is instaled net agains the mosquitos. In the resort is swimming pool with fresh water, restaurant and bar. Resort is locate directly on the beach where is situate diving center.

It is true when we travel so far we will not do diving only. There are many different trips on the islands and we can visit many instresting places like for example Tarsiers reservation. Tarsiers are small monkeys - let us say smallest monkeys in the world, but it is not actually monkey. filipiny-nartoun.jpgThey are the smallest primates in the world, 15 cm tall, average weight for male 134g, female 117g. An adult Tarsier can be carry in your hand. His body is very small if you compare it with his head and big eyes. These primates are active during the sunset, this is the reason, why so big eyes.


But this is not all, we can visit also romantic waterfalls, mysterious caves, Chocolates Hills or just rent a scooter and explore the island.

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