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manta-atlantska-18.jpg Swirl water 6

Manta Ray

27. 8. 2010

This summer in Sharm El Sheikh is realy amaizing. I dont have so much time to go diving but every time when I jump into the water, there is some surprice for me. This time I went again for local dive sites, many times I was there - Ras Katy and Ras Um Sid. Firs dive we made in Ras Katy, out dive guide for this day was Samir. Samir tryed to find during this dive manta ray and he took us, for me till this dive, unknown places and to deep blue. After we jumped from the boat we took the way till we reached the edge of the reef and than we continue to deep water. From the blue and deep water we were comming back and passing aroud the reef till we reached out boat, we saw clown fish, scorpion fish, muray and butterfly fish. Even we did not see manta ray I like this dive.

Second dive we made in Ras Um Sid, I saw there in the middle of July whale shark. We had info that manta ray can be here also, if we did not find it in Ras Katy, I was ready to jump, my camera also. In the beginning of our dive we swom in shallow water next to the reef after we swom to the blue. It was not bad but for long time nothing happen and for me started to be boring because by the reef I can do at least some pictures, in the blue nothing. But exactly in that minute samir changed the way and run to the blue, all group followed him. It was there, I think just swom to check what is going on the surface, who? Manta ray, of course :-) It was again very fast meeting, same like with the whale shark. I made some pictures but it is a shame that I was not more closer, manta made loop and escape to the blue. Anyway it was nice experience and I am so happy that I saw it.

manta-atlantska-13.jpg manta-atlantska-14.jpg manta-atlantska-16.jpg

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