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Discovery Dive

Do you like snorkeling? Are you diving with snorkel to 3 - 5 m? If you answer yes, why you do not try diving? Discovery dive is dive for the people which never try scuba diving. This dive is until 6 m for 20 min and you just enjoy it. Do not worry, you will be guided in the surface by briefing and under water by your instructor. You can admire nice coral gardens and many kind of fishes.

If you like it, believe that you just made first step to be a diver.


Once when you decide to be a diver, you need do the course, past the exams and be a certified diver.

First level is an Open Water Diver Course (OWD) which is giving you a chance to get your first certification, after this course you will be able to dive until 18 m.

This course is not so easy but also not so hard. If you will study well your student manual, you will find that you can do it.

This course takes usually 4 days and during this time you will do 5 training pools (introduction and basic skills) and 4 open water dives. And of course do not forget the final exam.

If you are already certified diver with OWD certification you can start with second level and do Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWD). This course will give you more chances to do different dives and also specialities which you can do after. Your certification will be after this course until 30m. During this course which takes usually 2days you will do 5 dives - 2 dives are requred (navigation and deep dives) and 3 dives are up to you. You can choose or you can deciede together with your instructor.

Other courses which you can do and be more qualified are for example - EFR (Emergency First Responder), Rescue Diver, Nitrox Diver or Oxygen Provider.

  • Discovery dive - 1 dive / 1day - 50 USD
  • Discovery dive - 2 dives / 1day - 85 USD

Price is not include lunch and soft drinks (8 USD) and entrance fee for NP Ras Mohammed (5 USD).

  • PADI Open Water Diver - 4 days - 280 USD
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver - 2 days - 225 USD

Price is not include student manual (60 USD), certification fee (35 USD), entrance fee for NP Ras Mohammed and lunch and soft drinks.

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